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Private label

Bringing your chocolate passion to a whole new level, delighting your senses through artisan chocolate. Meeting your innovation plans and supply chain demands with custom recipes, small to medium ordering and fulfillment capabilities; and committing to socially responsible sustainability, high quality carefully crafted chocolate, and exceptional service making your brand stand out. Getting your product to the marketplace and growing your business.   Why don’t you demand your high quality innovative private label chocolate from LEE chocolate? Since 1947 LEE chocolate has been a market leader in the Middle East confectionery industry producing top quality real chocolate at their factory in Aleppo. With their experience in innovative product development and collaboration, they can offer you a unique range of options, with control of the process from the farm through production.   LEE Choc, Chocolate also offers different kinds of franchise and business opportunities: For Private label: If you are in the hospitality or retail industry and would like to have chocolate branded for your business, LEE Choc, Chocolate can custom-produce and wrap chocolates to fit your requirements with both quality and a variety of choices with your private label. For National and International Distribution: We are offering opportunities for retail and wholesale distributors to fulfill online sales and represent LEE Choc, Chocolate nationally and internationally. Applicants should have the resources and know-how to deal in perishable goods and the chocolate theme. For National and International Franchise: If you would like to open your own LEE Choc, Chocolate store we are expanding internationally and taking applications from interested franchisees.